KCR LIVE! with Tenise Marie

KCR LIVE! is is an hour-long show that hosts live music and interviews in the studio. The aim is to provide an intimate and authentic experience to showcase the artist’s style and personality. Listeners will have the feeling of having the artist sitting in their living room!

The North Kootenay lake region is full of soaring mountains, pristine rivers, majestic forests, a magnificent lake — and some amazing musicians!

Tenise Marie, from the tiny community of Argenta, located 60 kilometres from the nearest town (that would be the beautiful village of Kaslo, pop. 1,050), is a great example.

Riding on the crest of her outstanding debut album, Storm, Tenise joins host Randy Morse in the KCR Live studio to talk about her Assyrian roots, her solo career to-date, her excitement about the prospect of building a new band — and more.

In between chunks of lively conversation, Tenise steps to the mic and performs five songs, raw and live, accompanied by talented singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Aline Deanna.

As musical icing on the cake, we’re also treated to three tunes pulled from Storm.

KCR Live, featuring Tenise Marie and Aline Deanna — the next-best thing to being there in person!

About the artist:

Tenise Marie is an Assyrian Canadian singer-songwriter who has emerged from the mystical forests of Argenta, BC. With her talent for vulnerable and disarming lyrics, she builds her songs with vision and care, singing “tenderly of love’s vagaries without lapsing into maudlin or cliché” (Jamie Bliss, Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine).

A multi-instrumentalist, accompanying soulful vocals with acoustic guitar, piano, and the recent addition of “oud”, Tenise creates organic, exotic, and romantic folk-inspired music which is uniquely her own.

Tenise studied Vocal Performance at the Contemporary Music & Technology program at Selkirk College in Nelson, BC. Since graduating in 2015, Tenise has been honing her craft as a songwriter and performer by touring Western Canada five times in the last six years.

“Watching Marie perform is an emotional experience…coming of age, falling in love, and exploring the world are just the surface level of inspiration in Marie’s pieces” (Olivia Herring, Music Mecca).

This August 2021, Tenise released her debut album, “Storm”, an original Folk Pop album of eight songs written throughout the pandemic, recorded and produced in the Kootenay Valley by up and coming record producer Aline Daigle.

To know more about Tenise: