KCR LIVE! with Ty Wright & BUS

Ty, Cam and Landon from BUS stopped by KCR LIVE! and spoke to host Adam Thomas about their music, how they met and started playing together while playing awesome music for KCR listeners!

Artist bio

BUS is a hard rock/alternative band from small town BC, who have been sporadically active since 2016. They were established by four high-school friends and music enthusiasts in 2015: singer and actor Ty Wright, guitarist Landon Koerber, bassist and drummer Cameron Coe, and drummer Brennan Whyte.

Known locally for their comedic onstage antics and wild live shows, BUS toured the Kootenays and pleased audiences wherever they went. They released a full length album in 2018, and shortly after went on hiatus for lead singer/guitarist Ty Wright to focus on his nursing career during the COVID-19 pandemic. While there have been very few opportunities to perform as of recent, the band has been keen to get back to the stage, and to create more fun and frivolous music together.”

Their music is available on iTunes, Amazon music, YouTube music, and pretty much any other streaming service. They have CDs available as well, and if anyone would like a copy they can contact them through Facebook.

They also released an EP on Bandcamp, which is available here.