MP Rob Morrison says he’s surprised by Tory convention delegates denial of wording on climate change

Despite the fact delegates at the Conservative party’s recent convention rejected a resolution to add language into the party’s policy book saying that the Tories will act on climate change, Nelson Creston MP Rob Morrison says he fully supports efforts to slow the earth’s warming weather.

Morrison says the Conservatives don’t get as much press as Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, and that has lead to a public misunderstanding of where the party stands on the pressing global issue.

He points out that while 3,100 voting delegates narrowly rejected to add the language into their updated policy book saying Conservatives “recognize that climate change is real” and that “the Conservative Party is willing to act,” those are the voting wishes on delegates — and not the standpoint of the Opposition’s caucus.

Morrison spoke on Nelson’s Kootenay Co-op Radio about the issue, as well as the Conservatives view on China’s increasing garrison and COVID’s impact on a soaring national debt.