Face masks in the age of COVID.

Do we wear them, or do we not? Should we be told to by health and government officials to do so — or is it our own personal decision?

A Cranbrook emergency room doctor is leading a province-wide grassroots campaign along with 82 other BC Doctors and Dentists to implement a province wide mask policy.

Dr. James Heilman, who spoke on KCR’s Kootenay Morning show Wednesday, says it is much easier to prevent the spread of a disease than it is to stop disease once it gets rolling — and masks help, particularly given that COVID is spread through respiratory droplets.

Noting the exemplary CIVID prevention efforts of nations like New Zealand, Vietnam and Taiwan, Heilman says BC and Canada have some catching up to do and that British Columbia is lacking the support of its provincial health officer min a bid to ensure masks are worn where they should be.

The Cranbrook doctor says Canadians have been “very affected by American politics and inappropriate comments from the White House regarding COVID.

“That’s had a negative affect on Canadians’ understanding of this disease,” he says.

Hellman also had a warning for young people, more of whom are becoming infected.

“You’re not invincible. Take this seriously.”

You can listen to the entire interview here.