Old growth. Fairy Creek. Private Land Logging. Those are some words that are becoming household names in this neck of the woods. Disputes over logging at Fairy Creek on the west coast of Vancouver Island have made national headlines and inspired protests across the country and the province, including here in Nelson and up the road in Castlegar.

MLA Brittny Anderson was spotted this Monday morning speaking with protesters outside her office on Josephine street in Nelson.

Anderson campaigned for the BC NDP on climate change and the environment calling it the greatest threat to the riding.

She has a masters in Environmental Science and Policy. We asked her what she is doing in the legislature to fight for the environment on the June 16 edition of Kootenay Morning.

She said critics have called her, “a backbencher.” Anderson has been asked to sit in a cabinet committee on forestry recently put together by Premier John Horgan.

More than 180 environmental activists have been arrested since April at Fairy Creek on Vancouver Island. Protests have shaken Nelson and Castlegar.