Speaking on Kootenay Morning, long time Nelson-Creston NDP MLA sites young family as reason to put her political career on hold

Nelson-Creston NDP MLA Michelle Mungall says it was not an easy decision to make.

But the local politician, who succeeded Corky Evans back in 2009 and has served as a Cabinet Minister since the New Democratic Party formed government in 2017, announced Wednesday that she would not be seeking re-election.

Mungall shared a few of her recollections, and a glimpse into her future, on KCR’s Kootenay Morning Show Friday.

“I love what I get to do on behalf of the people. It’s hard to put into words how much it means to bring the Kootenays’ message to the legislature floor,” she says. “It’s been such an honour.”

Mungall is currently the Minister for Jobs, Economic Development and Competitiveness where she has served on the task force to recover the economy during and after the pandemic.

The main reason for the decision to step back once the next provincial election is called — its slated for October of next year — is her two year old son Xavier, and husband Zack.

“We had to really sit and think about Xavier’s future,”Mungall explains. “Where to live. Where to go to school. We want him to be here. This is a community we all really love.”

Xavier made history last year when he accompanied his mom to a sitting of the legislature — the first time an MLA’s child has sat — literally — with a parent during a legislative session.

“He needs me,” Mungall says of her toddler, “and I need him.”

Mungall touched on some of her proudest moments, the changing world of politics due to social media and the changing news industry and offered advice to younger people thinking of entering politics.

“Never let anyone tell you youth is a barrier,” she said, noting the number of younger people in local policies right here in the Kootenays.

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