Noted Nelson economist Mike Stolte called in to Kootenay Morning on August 5th to talk about a recent study he wrote on the impacts of COVID on the local economy.

The study was commissioned by the Nelson and District Credit Union and found that the impacts of the COVID lockdown have been fluid.

“There so few statistics available and this thing is changing by the day and by the week,” Stolte told KCR News.

The study examined the regional and local situation by examining labour force statistics, tourism statistics, real estate statistics, parking fees, water usage data, and a number of other indicators.

Stolte found that in May 50 per cent of those earning 15$ or less an hour we’re either unemployed or had their hours reduced and that the impacts disproportionately affected women. Particularly women who have children under six years-0ld.

“It really disproportionately affected the renters, and people who work in the service industry,” Stolte told KCR. “It’s disproportionately affected women, and it’s disproportionately affected immigrants.”

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