Nelsonite Tanya Finley will run for MLA on the BC Liberal Platform.

Finley is one of three MLA Candidates who stopped by Kootenay Morning to fill KCR on why she’s running and what it could mean for the Nelson-Creston riding.

Finley told KCR the economy will be her primary concern.

She also told Kootenay Morning host Darren Davidson that she was best suited for the job as a result of her business expertise and investment in the local community.

“I’m tenacious, I’m adaptable, I’m resilient,” said Finley.

“I think this PST is gonna’ make pockets fuller right off the bat. Anyone who has to spend anything is gonna’ get 7 per cent back. And I really want to see this economy safe going into the future.”

Finley is a longtime business owner in Nelson and owns Finley’s Bar and Grill on Vernon St.

You can find the entire interview below: