Back in January, there was a passing of the torch at one of the city’s quietly legendary hospitality haunts. After 13 years, All Seasons Cafe owner Paul Archambault sold the Herridge Lane restaurant to a trio of new Nelsonties.

Paul and his family had purchased The Season’s in 2008 from founders John Langille and Tasane Scanlon. Lots of locals and luminaries alike had eaten there — including actress Jessica Biel, Pierre Trudeau and Justin Trudeau too.

Well now, The Seasons has morphed in The Black Cauldron. Owners Kristian Camero, Jessica Wood and Steve Barton have taken over the reigns — smack dab in the middle of a global pandemic. Kristian stopped by Kootenay Morning on April 23 to fill us in.

Have a listen to the entire interview here: