Another season on Kootenay Co-op Radio began on October 31. We are sad to see Hit The Links, Lopin’Along Through the Cosmos and Verses leave. Happy trails to their hosts, Nicholas, Ed and Catherine!

Kootenay Kootenay Co-op Radio offers over 100 hours of original programming every week .

You can hear nearly 50 original music shows that showcase a wide spectrum of tastes including rock, classical, pop, world, bluegrass, hip hop, country, jazz, and electronic. Tune in also for thoughtful and compelling current affairs and talk shows that reflect the our region and help people stay informed.

See the full schedule here!

We’re excited to welcome new programmers showcasing eclectic music!

City City

Unlikely collisions occur in-between Nelson and New York city to create a sonic collage of two minds.

Tuesday @6pm

Explore This

From the dance floor to the mosh pit…the weird, the wild and the wonderful from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Each week the show covers one year in the history of music, the occasional new music show or a spotlight on an artist, genre or theme.

Tuesday @11am

FutureNow Radio

A soundtrack for The Liminal. Genre-less exploration of sounds that recalibrate the spirit.

Wednesday @1pm

You’re Only As Free As Now

A multi genre show that transcends eras and times.

Sunday @ 6pm