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Feast Your Eyes On the New Kootenay Co-op Radio T-shirt!

News & Announcements 08 Jun 18

We are super excited to present the latest Kootenay Co-op Radio tee, designed by Stacey Muchowski who generously donated her time and creativity to the project. You’ve probably seen Stacey’s work around town before, as she does all of the design work for MASSIF Music Festival. If you’d like to speak with Stacey for a… Read More »

Support Kootenay Co-op Radio, and You Help Support Community

News & Announcements 07 Jun 18

Never before have people had so much choice when it comes to media variety. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, local media outlets everywhere are struggling as small town newspapers and radio stations reduce staff and services and close their doors. When this happens, communities lose out. Local stories don’t reach the public, organizations… Read More »

What is KCR’s Music Programming Worth to You?

News & Announcements 05 Jun 18

When is comes to music at Kootenay Co-op Radio, variety isn’t just a tagline. At KCR our programmers play what they love, not what they’re told to play. With 46 different music shows you’ll hear everything from rock, and classical, to punk, hip hop, jazz, folk, experimental, world, electronic, and everything in between. We are… Read More »


News & Announcements 04 Jun 18

Tom Weager caught this shot of last week’s red sky and had this to say: “There aren’t many people in the world fortunate enough to have a view like this on their doorstep. It’s important to be reminded how lucky we are living in the Kootenays and moments like this provide that. We are often… Read More »

KCR Kicks off 2018 Fundraising Drive

News & Announcements 31 May 18

Kootenay Co-op Radio’s 2018 Fundraising Drive is ON! That’s right folks, it’s that time of year when we come to you asking for money. As a volunteer-powered co-op, we don’t need a whole lot, but with a small, part-time staff, a mortgage, and bills to pay, we run on an annual budget of just over… Read More »

Attention Students: KCR is Hiring!

News & Announcements 24 May 18

Considering a career in media? Interested in attending summer festivals? Want to help out your friendly neighbourhood community radio station? If you way “YES” to all of these questions, you consider the position of Summer Outreach and Promotions Representative at Kootenay Co-op Radio. This position runs 8 weeks for 30 hours per week, though some… Read More »


News & Announcements 22 May 18

Bobbi Barbarich was at Le Petit Massif, the Massif Music Festival launch party at the Hume, when she captured this incredible shot of the drummer and bassist for Dead Fibres, and the drummer from BRASS. Loads of great shots from the night on Massif’s Instagram. Get your tickets for Massif coming up September 21-23. And it might be… Read More »


News & Announcements 14 May 18

This week’s photo was taken by Jesse Schpakowski and spotted on the West Kootenay Photography Group on Facebook. When asked about the photo, Jesse had this to say:  “There are several areas in the west Kootenays that are full of treasures like this tunnel. There is so much history in some of these valleys. Other than that it… Read More »