One in Five. That’s how many residents of the RDCK spend a third of their income on rent according to a recent report presented to the board.

Chair Aimee Watson joined Kootenay Morning on Sep. 23 to chat about what that report means and more on the District’s docket at the moment.

The report found here also indicated that one in three residents of the RDCK have accessed housing support infrastructure in the last year. Those are things like Food Banks, Shelters and subsidies.

Watson said the reports findings were not directly a result of the Global Pandemic.

“This is definitely not due to COVID,” said Watson.

“This is ongoing. I used to operate the food security program and we knew [people] were in need five years ago.”

Watson also touched on the recent call for a snap election, advice for Coun. Brittny Anderson who recently announced her intention to seek the Nelson Creston NDP Nomination, the Union of BC Municipalities annual conference and more.

You can find the entire interview below: