The much anticipated new Taylor Swift album, The Tortured Poets Department,  drops today.

So does RG Morse’s new EP, coincidentally titled, The Tattooed Poets Department, recorded at Edmonton’s Octavo Productions, produced by Tomas Brabec.

Today’s RADIO FREE KASLO features tracks from that EP, including:

It’s Up to You (3:54) If George Harrison had written a song inspired by a plant medicine and a yoga class, this would be it.

Janet (full mix, 3:47) Everyone should (a) write, and (b) receive a love song. This is (a) — Morse is still waiting for (b).

Africa Bound (4:32) Inspired by an expedition from South Africa to Tanzania with his buddy, Professor Hassan Kaya. An adventure that included a brush with George W. Bush and his Secret Service team. You really can’t make this shit up.

Open Landscapes (4:59) Morse’s translation and Tomas Brabec’s arrangement  of Ulf Lundell‘s classic Öppna Lankskap, Sweden’s unofficial summer anthem.

Let’s Get Naked in the Kootenays (4:04) There are still a few places left on this beleaguered planet ol’ planet of ours where life hasn’t yet gone totally to hell in a handbasket. This is an anthem to one of them. Learn the chorus and sing it often — you’ll be glad you did.

The Meadow (3:27) At the end of a long day in the studio, Morse pulled the lyrics of a Cat Stevens‘-style song out of his jeans he’d written the week before, and suggested they quickly record it, intending to then come back and refine it. Record it they did, in a single take. Refinement awaits.


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