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Did you know that Kootenay Co-op Radio has nearly 50 different music shows? Each week, our passionate team of volunteer hosts serve up almost 100 hours of original music and spoken-word broadcasts, exploring the wide spectrum of tastes, issues and opinions that shape the unique spirit of the West Kootenays.

Kootenay Co-op Radio reflects the diverse voices of the Kootenay region’s small towns, and takes inspiration from the surrounding pristine wilderness. KCR has everything you could ask for, from poetry live, to broadcasts entirely in French. We also offer a safe and open forum for discussion and analysis of current affairs, from environmental and social issues to pop culture and the arts. You will hear independent music labels, unsigned artists, and most importantly, local artists –a vital part of our culture. Our radio station located in Nelson BC provides them with airplay, interview opportunities, and supports them by promoting their local shows and events. We work closely with local music promoters to help cultivate an energetic live music scene. Tune in to CJLY, we’ve got everything!

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The vibe of _unidentified allows freedom of diversity and free flowing musical selections, conversations and alternative lifestyle of the Kootenay community. Monday @ 7 PM

A Jazz Noise Here

New jazz sounds from modern artists who are keeping the style alive & well in the 21st Century. Sundays @ 7 pm, repeat Tuesday at 4 pm.

Alternate Musicverse

Helping you nurture your hankering for anything alternative rock, from post-punk to new wave, indie rock and more.

Bach and Beyond

A feast of classical music garnished with Latin, jazz, and fusion.  Tuesdays @ 10 am with Doug Jamieson. Repeats Mondays @ 6 am.

Backcountry Consciousness

Mindful music made for backcountry sunsets, woodburning stoves, simmering stew, riverside picnics, and chopping wood.

Before the World, There Was Music

Before the world, there was music. All music is world music. Join me for a spontaneous exploration, listening outside labelled boxed by traveling around the world liberating global sounds from the shackles of genre. Thursdays @ 10 am with Antoine.…

City City

Unlikely collisions occur in-between Nelson and New York city to create a sonic collage of two minds. With hosts Rory and Riya. Tuesday @6pm


Dose.Radio brings you a blend of fresh house tunes & a taste of techno. This self-titled show is mixed live Mondays from 3:00 until 5:00 by the DJ Duo, “Dose"  

Earth Vibes

A tasty blend of world roots, fusion, and reggae. Free yer heels and yer mind will follow.  Sundays @ 8 pm with Neil Sorochan. Repeats Fridays @ 12 pm.

Elevator Music

An archive of found music and sound, past and present, collected near and far. Sunday @ 5 pm with Hugh

Explore This

From the dance floor to the mosh pit…the weird, the wild and the wonderful from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Each week the show covers one year in the history of music, the occasional new music show or a spotlight on an artist, genre or theme. Tuesday…

Flashback 70s

Cosmic country, kung fusion, freak folk, progressive rock, old-school funk, and MORE!  Tuesdays @ 7pm with Brother Michael. Repeats Thursdays @ 6am.  

Free Range

Because music should be free to roam. Anytime, anyplace ~ with Grant Palfenier. Wednesday at 10 am and Saturday at 6 pm.  


The funk, the whole funk, and nothing but the funk.  Mondays @ 10 pm with Jamie Bliss. Repeats Fridays at 7 am.

FutureNow Radio

A soundtrack for The Liminal. Genre-less exploration of sounds to recalibrate the spirit. Wednesday @1pm with bones and devo.

Heavy Early

Punk, metal, stoner, psych, doom. Music for ne’er-do-wells Thursdays from 5 pm – 7 pm with Jay Hanley and Nelson From Nelson. Repeats Mondays at 11 pm.

Hit the Links

Making connections through music. With Nicholas Shworob. Mondays @ 7pm


An invocation of recent indie releases and echoes of indie classics, with random jabs of eclectic tunes. Wednesdays @ 2 pm and Fridays @ 3 pm.

Johnny O’s Rock & Roll

Jive, bop, and twist to 50’s rock. Mondays @ 1 pm with John O’Neill and Dude Flow. 

Julian Taylor’s Jukebox

Julian Taylor's Jukebox is an all-inclusive show and he'll be spinning tunes that he loves to listen to... "The Jukebox is a really eclectic show. I’m playing tunes you’d hear hanging out in my living room but the focus is on artists like me –…

Kootenay Sounds

Enjoy 30 minutes of local music. If you are a local musician, please reach out to to get your music in the air! Friday @11:30am


Kris + Dan = Kran. A bunch of something and a bunch of nothing but everything you like.

Lil Mikey’s Cry BéBés

Saddest Sound in Town, Laugh till you Cry, or Cry till you laugh. Time to Feel Good about Feeling down. With Michael Ross. Saturday @ 5 pm

Liner Notes

All styles of feel-good music from the 1920s to the 1950s and more, toe-tappin', pocket change jingling tunes. Tuesdays @ 1 pm with Jim Van Horn. Repeats Saturdays  @ 3 pm.

Live From The Archives

A deep dive into the world of live music with curated performances from artists throughout the decades and around the globe. With August West. Sundays @ 9 pm to 11 pm    

Make Room for the Blues

Traditional and contemporary blues from the swamps of Louisiana to the forests of the West Kootenay.  Fridays @ 7 pm with Richard Metzner. Repeats Saturdays @ 12 pm.

Méli Mélo

De la musique francophone à faire danser et chanter? Certainement! Des nouveautés ainsi que des mélodies rétros? Constamment! Un petit quelque chose pour vous faire sourire? Toujours! Bonne écoute! Demandes spéciales? 250-352-3516 Vendredi à 10h…

Mountains and Valleys

Lion roars through the mountains and valleys of music.  Fridays @ 9 pm with Daniel Bishop.

Nelson Calling

Music from all over the map.  Wednesdays @ 6 pm with Kai. Repeat @Thursday at 3pm

New Tarp

An all-embracing assemblage of sound from what’s around.  With Ruby Creighton and Lucy Rose Carver-Brennan Thursdays @ 10 pm

Pardon My French

Canadian music for all ages, hosted in French. Wednesdays @ 4 pm. Repeat on Saturday at 4pm.

Radio Mixtape

A mixtape from my mind to your ears.  Thursdays @ 4 pm with Adam O. Thomas. Repeats Saturday @ 10 pm.

Rainbow Country

Mark Tara is your guide through RAINBOW COUNTRY, a show that offers a blend of music & interviews giving voice to the LGBT community – giving voice to the LGBT Community and BEYOND. Rainbow Country is produced by Mark Tara at CIUT, a student and…

Smoke and Lasers

Smoke n’ Lasers is your #1 stop for entertaining discussions and the killer tracks we all grew up on.  Tuesdays @ 9 pm with Matt Montadon.

Something That’s Not Nothing

Embark on a musical journey with Cloak and Dagger... music to make you stagger. Finally! Something That’s Not Nothing. Wednesdays @ 10 pm - 12pm


Swingtime is an affectionate nod to a magical, bygone era in radio playing everything from big bands & crooners to jazz & adult contemporary, Swingtime is a relaxing hour of easy listening music... live from the Cloud Room high atop the Hotel…

Tales from the Tape

Join Angelia on the musical discovery through a 17-year-old's eyes, of lyrical brilliance, fire beats, twisted genres, and a century of musical works through the decades.

prOphecy sun_Tapes and Beyond_Kootenay Coop Radio

Tapes and Beyond

On Tapes and Beyond, host prOphecy sun shares a dreamy spread of personal, found, and fictional collaged sounds, moments in time, hypnotic, and experimental feminist musings and other music from across Canada. Thursdays at 7 pm.

The Beat Diet

A continuous mix of soul, hip-hop, and dance music that takes listeners on a journey through the paths of funk and rhythm. Check out the archives at Thursdays @ 1 pm with Marco Primo.

the feed_Kootenay Coop Radio_Nelson BC

The Feed

An hour-long meal of music and ideas that the universe has fed me over the previous week - and beyond! Mondays @ 10 am  

The Other Wayne King Show

Eclectic taste and wacky banter in between that which is sometimes, somehow informative to the music.  Tuesdays @ 10 pm with Wayner. Repeats Saturdays @ 8 pm.

The Shuffle

An eclectic music mix to twist your ears...  In a good way! Tuesdays @ 5 pm with Greg Archibald. Repeats Monday @ 11 am.

The Times They Are A Changing

Folk songs, interviews and live performances.  Fridays @ 2 pm with Bonnie Baker. Repeats Monday @ 7 am.

This Must be the Place

Outside music to make your insides feel good. Thursday @ 9 pm with Galen

Tracing Roots

Tracing Roots pays homage to the drum sampler, the found object, used and re-used art to create anew.

Transformer Radio

Exploring how music has transformed through the history of its technology and trends.

Water Falling on Plastic

New, old, experimental, obscure, ambient, sublime to ear bleeding. The usual mix. Wednesdays @ 7 pm with Andrew Creighton, Zoe Creighton, and Jon Simington. Repeats Thursday @ 11 pm. 

Wine Dark Sea

Experimental, choral, vocal & classical with Catherine. Mondays @ 8 pm, repeat Sundays 6 am.

Years for Fears

Todays Best 80s. And Yesterday’s Newest Hits. Fridays @ 4 pm with Darren Davidson. 

You’re Only As Free As Now

A multi genre show that transcends eras and times.

Spoken Word

Alternative Radio

Alternative Radio, established in 1986, is an award-winning weekly one-hour public affairs program offered free to all public radio stations in the U.S., Canada, Europe and beyond. AR provides information, analyses, and views that are frequently…


Canadian media criticism and media reporting. Thursdays @ noon with Jesse Brown. repeats Thursdays at 11 pm (Syndicated)

Democracy Now

A unique and sometimes provocative perspective on global events. Weekdays @9am with Amy Goodman. (Syndicated)

Each for All

Each For All: The Co-operative Connection is a one-hour weekly current affairs and advocacy program from CFRO, Vancouver Co-op Radio that brings you profiles, interviews, and reports from the world of co-ops. If you know nothing about co-ops but are…

For the Wild

For the wild hosted by Ayana Young Ayana is a podcast and radio personality specializing in intersectional environmental and social justice, deep ecology and land-based restoration. Tuesdays @8am  

Full Spectrum Cinema

Full Spectrum Cinema is dedicated to bringing you lively and in depth analysis of the art of film. With Alexander and Dave . To listen to previous episodes, follow them on MixCloud: Tuesdays @ 3pm

Kootenay Morning

Your morning cuppa joe with local news, current events, interviews, music, and more. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: live @ 8 am, same-day repeat @ 5 pm. Encore Sundays at 8 am. Hosted by a team of dedicated volunteers.  Recent Posts…

Poetry for Keeps

Exploring the world of performance poetry and sound art.  Alternating Mondays at 6:00 pm with Brad Bradley. 

Rabble Radio is non-profit news media powered by social movements, not corporations. “An essential part of a balanced media diet, is the go-to site for progressive journalism and dialogue about national politics and social movements.” Friday…

Radio Free Kaslo

Coming to you from the True North, strong & free. Quirky, entertaining radio from beautiful downtown Kaslo, population 937 — aka Alpine Nirvana! Fridays @ 11 am with Randy Morse.

Rainbow Country

Mark Tara is your guide through RAINBOW COUNTRY, a show that offers a blend of music & interviews giving voice to the LGBT community – giving voice to the LGBT Community and BEYOND. Rainbow Country is produced by Mark Tara at CIUT, a student and…

Scream Therapy

Scream Therapy Hosted by Jason Schreurs  Scream Therapy is a podcast that explores the link between punk rock and mental health. The guests are members of the underground music scene who are, like Jason Schreurs, living with mental health…

The EcoCentric

Current environmental news from the West Kootenay region of BC and beyond. Tuesdays at 12 pm with Keith Wiley and Linn Murray. Repeats Sunday at 9 am. Listen or download the shows at the bottom of the page. For more details see the blog:…

The History Hour

Analysis and opinion on history and current affairs. Fridays @ 12 pm with Charles Jeanes.

This Way Out

International gay and lesbian newsmagazine. Mondays @ 12:30 pm. (Syndicated)


Viewpoints is the latest podcast and news magazine produced by the Community Radio Fund of Canada. It provides an overview of what’s happening across Canada, thanks to radio reporters from CJRU and others posted across the country, working for the…

What If?

What If You could journey with amazing people to explore how to live in a better world? What if Radio explores the intersections of environment, justice, health, and "What If" we can work to change our world to be healthier and more just. Hosted by…


News and current affairs by and about women around the world. Mondays @ 12 pm. (Syndicated)  


Amplifying the Voices of Our Community

Amplifying the Voices of Our Community (AVOC) explores the efforts of local groups working for the betterment of communities throughout the West Kootenay. More than 100 individuals representing 45 local nonprofit organizations contributed to…

Big Ledge: The Triumphs and Tribulations of Robert E. Sproule

Brian d’Eon of Nelson presented a staged radio play at Hart Hall (Ward and Carbonate) on Sept. 14 and 15, 2018 Big Ledge: The Triumphs and Tribulations of Robert E. Sproule (the whole truth and nothing but the truth) depicts the life of American…

Claus Schunke

Claus Schunke passed away on April 5, 2019. Claus made many contributions to our area, including getting KCR's building on the register of Chinese Canadian historic places. In 2016, he successfully nominated Nelson’s former Chinatown as a…

Come Celebrate Launch of KCR’s Latest Doc Project

For the last year, Kootenay Co-op Radio has been engaged in a project titled Amplifying The Voices of Our Community (AVOC). This project was funded by the Community Radio Fund of Canada Radiometres grant program and supported five station volunteers…

Remembering historian and librarian extraordinaire Ron Wellwood with Greg Nesteroff

Remembering historian and librarian extraordinaire Ron Wellwood with Greg Nesteroff         KCR NEWS · Remembering historian and librarian extraordinaire Ron Wellwood with Greg Nesteroff


National Victims of Crime Awareness Week is April 10-16th, and Kootenay Co-op Radio has teamed up with a regional social service agency and the Castlegar Violence Against Women in Relationships Committee to help raise awareness about Victims of…