The Mayor of Rossland is in hot water over a recent trip south of the border.

Mayor Kathy Moore, a dual citizen of the US and Canada travelled to the United States in April to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Moore travelled with her husband from Rossland to Phoenix, AZ, by car, and received her first dose of an MRNA COVID Vaccine in Spokane along the way. She is currently in Arizona and keeping up with her mayoral duties via Zoom.

The trip has drawn ire from council and the community.

“Many of the comments have been pretty tough, with many asking for her resignation,” said Trail Times reporter Jim Bailey.

Moore told Bailey she made her decision as a mother and a grandmother, not as a mayor.

Trips by politicians have created controversy across the country. A trip to Mt. Baldy, some 200km from Castlegar resulted in mayor Bruno Tassone’s resignation in December.