Brigid Duddy (died 2015)

KCR’s Bogside was traditional Irish Music presented by mother and son team of Brigid and Paddy Duddy.  

Via Paddy Duddy on Facebook “Just wanted to send out a big thank you to everyone who was involved in this incredible party celebrating our dear ol’ Ma’s life. It was a full on rager, just the way mom was hoping. I’m sure if she was looking down on all of dancing and spilling wine and beer all over the place she would have been very pleased. I want to send a huge thank you love hug to Al from Nelson Brewing Company for bringing the keg and acting as impromptu bartender all evening. NBC sponsored mom’s radio show for 14 years straight. Seemed very fitting to have the party fueled by 8.2% of IPA cheer. Also want to send a big thanks to Pat and Erin of Alligator Pie. The food was amazing and presented with such badass style. Everyone was talking about how much they loved everything they stuffed into their bellies. Thanks to the friends and family who came from out of town to join the celebration. And finally, thank you to all involved with the clean-up after.. not 100% sure who you all are, but it’s greatly appreciated. It was an epic night. Hope you dug it Ma!”