Holley Rubinsky (1943-2015)

Holley Rubinsky resided in Kaslo, B.C. for more than thirty years prior to her death at age 72, due to cancer, in August of 2015.

From 2006 to 2008, she was the host of The Writers’ Show for writers and readers, produced by Kootenay Coop Radio CJLY in Nelson, B.C. “The show’s purpose is,” she wrote, “to make listeners aware of writers’ lives and to explain the process of writing to readers and others who are interested in how it’s done.”

2006, Shows 1- 9: Anne Fleming, Cynthia Flood, Bill Gaston, Almeda Glenn Miller, John Lent, Rita Moir, Tom Wayman, Caroline Woodward.

2007, Shows 10- 33: Angie Abdou, Caroline Adderson, Vivien Bowers, Anne De Grace, Don Gayton, Terry Glavin, Leona Gom, Katherine Gordon, John Gould, Kristjana Gunnars, Steve Guppy, Pauline Holdstock, George K. Ilsley, Patrick Lane, Adam Lewis Schroeder, Pearl Luke, Andrea MacPherson, Kathy Page, Bill Schermbrucker, Rhea Tregebov, Lynne Van Luven, Carol Windley, Terence Young. Actor Lucas Myers; ornithologist and writer Dick Cannings; publisher Diane Morriss; agent, Morty Mint.

2008, Shows 34-41: George Bowering, Baba Brinkman, Vicki Delany, Mark Forsythe, Edith Iglauer, Theresa Kishkan, Ian McAllister, Trevor Owen of WIER, Mary Schendlinger, Audrey Thomas, John Vaillant.