Elaine Dupuis

Elaine Dupuis Goulet
June 26 1934 - November 15 2022

Elaine had fond memories of her early life in BC, where her father was primarily a merchant. He had a successful general store in New Westminster that also served as a community gathering space when she was a child. He had a chicken farm in Hammond, where she held her fondest memories as a social teen. She spent time in the French communities of Winnipeg (St-Boniface and St-Malo) as well, a site rich in Goulet history before Manitoba joined the Confederation. She started her first secretarial job with Bell Canada in Montreal as a young adult and it was through a colleague that she met her husband, Aurélien Dupuis. They raised a family of three in Sudbury, Ontario, and shared 62 years of married life and companionship.

Elaine was avant-gardist and enthusiastically delved into topics of interest such as health, yoga, women studies, and aspired toward an eventual Doctorate in world religions and Eastern philosophies. She was a professor at a number of universities over the course of her career. As an intellect and philosopher she had her own sweet way of ruling the roost despite the religious and patriarchal background of her time, influencing the whole family into becoming critical thinkers with a broad awareness of health, social and cultural issues.
Elaine and Aurélien moved to the Kootenays, BC, to join their children and grand-children in 1991. They enjoyed 20 years of retirement in their beautiful home, which he built himself outside of Nelson while his beloved wife taught at UBC. They spent their final seven years in a comfortable condominium near Kootenay Lakeside Park.

Elaine was best known in the region for her `Memories` show at the Kootenay Co-op Radio station.

Elaine was a wonderful programmer at KCR. She was a volunteer starting in 1999 as one of the hosts of the Company of Older Women show and then hosted Memories for a number of years. It was always a treat to see what her Memories show music selection would be each week. And she was determined to do the show herself. Despite her age, she was awesome at it.

The photo of "Elaine on the 1s and the 2s" was taken in 2016 at the Seniors Fair at the Prestige Lakeside Resort. KCR Volunteer Stephanie Myers took the shot and Elaine was more than happy to ham it up for the photo.

Our most sincere sympathies to Elaine's family and friends.

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