Tracing Roots

Tracing Roots pays homage to the drum sampler, the found object, used and re-used art to create anew.

Tales from the Tape

Join Angelia on the musical discovery through a 17-year-old's eyes, of lyrical brilliance, fire beats, twisted genres, and a century of musical works through the decades.

Alternate Musicverse

Helping you nurture your hankering for anything alternative rock, from post-punk to new wave, indie rock and more.

Backcountry Consciousness

Mindful music made for backcountry sunsets, woodburning stoves, simmering stew, riverside picnics, and chopping wood.

Portmanteau Perspective

Portmanteau Perspective is a non-linear journey, threaded with old loves, new family, meandering highways, and the soundtrack that accompanied it all.

Transformer Radio

Exploring how music has transformed through the history of its technology and trends.

Cover Me Impressed

Cover Me Impressed dives into the art of the cover song and leaves no genre stone unturned. Tune in and you might just hear your favourite song reimagined by your new favourite artist.

Our programs en français

Did you know that Kootenay Co-op Radio airs programs entirely in the French language? That's right!
Méli Mélo, which broadcasts Fridays at 10am, features all sorts of music from novelties, to retro melodies. And Pardon My French, which broadcasts on Wednesdays at 4pm, offers a range of Canadian music for all ages. --Both of these fantastic KCR originals are re-broadcasted on Radio Victoria!
This photograph was taken on June 25th at Franco Fête, an event organized by AFKO to celebrate the diversity of French speakers in Nelson! (Over 260 people turned up!!)

Clerel and Kent on Before The World There Was Music

Did you catch the live performance on Kootenay Co-op Radio on Thursday? Clerel and Kent Kataoka stopped by Before The World There Was Music with Antoine Bonaparte for a wonderful in-person special!
Clerel and Kent Kataoka will be playing in Trail at the Gyro Park for the live music series Blackout Summer. Be sure to check them out!
Thanks to both for coming by the station! It was awesome having you here!
If you missed the show or would like to listen again, you can tune in here:

Bella Cat & Friends on Times They Are A Changing

If you were tuning in to The Times They Are A Changing with Bonnie B last week, you must have heard the live performance by Bella Cat and her Silly Snakes Squad!
A special thanks to Bella Cat, Anuj, and Seneca for stopping by! Make sure you catch them at their next shows on July 27th in Nelson, and the 28th in Crawford Bay!
In case you missed it or would like to listen again, you can tune in right here!