In September 2019 Stephen Fowler was stabbed after he intervened during a knife attack at the corner of Baker and Stanley St. Fiona Coyle, who stabbed him, was found “not criminally responsible” in Nelson Court last week for injuring him and a Slocan Valley woman. A BC judge found Coyle was suffering from a “psychotic incident” at the time of the incident.

KCR spoke to Fowler last week about the stabbing and what was going through his mind in the courtroom.

Fowler, a long time member of Nelson’s arts and culture scene and the proprietor of Booksmyth Used Books on Baker, empathized with Coyle.

I came out of this pretty untouched really, certainly compared with Ramita and Fiona. She’s a paranoid schizophrenic and is living with that for the rest of her life, and will probably, conceivably be institutionalized for the rest of her life.

Find the full interview below:

Photo: Bill Metcalfe/Nelson Star News