Lower Taxes. Private health care. The dismantling of more than a few crown corporations like ICBC and BC Ferries. Those are just some of the positions of the BC Libertarian Party.

Nelsonite Terry Tiessen will seek public office on the Libertarian ticket this October and he stopped by Kootenay Morning on Oct. 7 to talk a bit about his life and why he’s running locally. Tiessen is the fourth candidate who’s appeared on the show in the last few weeks to chat about the campaign.

Tiessen told KCR he was a “walking cause” and that the Libertarians want to lower taxes.

“We don’t believe the way to stimulate economy is to keep spending more and more money,” Tiessen said.

Tiessen also said the party believes the reaction of the NDP government to the Global Pandemic was an overreaction.

“We don’t believe they handled it very well at all,” Tiessen told KCR. “It was an over exaggeration to what needed to be done.”

He said morbidity rates and not case counts should drive public health policy.

Tiessen also touched on his experience in social activism and his 30 years living in the riding.

You can find the entire interview below: