Despite a global pandemic, the Kootenay Lake Tourism Economy is still strong

Kootenay Lake Tourism’s Dianna Ducs stopped by Kootenay Morning on Sep. 16 to fill KCR in on the latest on the state of the economy in the region.

Despite the fact that the global economy was hampered this March for some local operators occupancy is actually breaking records.

Ducs stressed that operators who rely on American and Albertan clientele were the most impacted by COVID-19.

NKL had been anticipating overall occupancy for the busier part of the summer to be close to 60 percent at best.
“But there’s been increase in occupancy since the the Phase 3 economic recovery plan was rolled out,” said Duks, “we’ve seen between 75 and 100 percent occupancy revenues from occupancy. After the March to June period, which was was originally off by as much as 75 percent.”

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