This winter, tens of thousands of hockey players across Canada have lost what for some was a months-long shoot out with COVID.

Since the fall in many province’s, arenas have been ordered empty, leagues have been cancelled, months of regularly held games and playoffs nixed, and practices too.

Some jurisdictions and teams were kept on life support, with temporary delays bumped up throughout the season, and hopes of some sort of league play kept alive.

That was the case in British Columbia, where Junior B players aged 16 to 20, playing in three leagues across the province, were on-again, off again, for months.

But earlier in February, the province made it official when it extended pandemic restrictions indefinitely.

The Nelson Leafs were just one team forced to say goodbye to the 2020/2021 season.

As Nelson community radio CJLY/Kootenay Co-op Radio reports, the somewhat unexpected end of the year was a tough loss marked by anger, solemn reflection but also some life lessons well-learned.