Since its release four years ago, the video-sharing social network TikToc has become one of the top ten most downloaded apps of the last decade.

If you, as the kids say, ‘blow up’ on TikTok, you really blow up big.

That’s what’s happened to a 37-year-old family owned clothing store in Trail BC.

JJ’s Fashions’ TikTok series is called ‘Hot Boss’. As the title alludes to, the home-made series, now amounting to two dozen 15-second videos, follows the antics of two of the store’s female employees, in their efforts to attract the attention of apparently handsome owner/manager Rhylan Streloff.

The clips have garnered an enormous following. Since October, 1.2 million people have begun following the Hot Boss series. Nearly 23 million have liked it.

Streloff explains how the TikTok triumph happened.