Economic stimulus is a pillar to recovery through the global pandemic.

All levels of government have rolled out programs aimed at getting people back to work.

A few weeks ago we spoke with Nelson City Councillor Cal Renwick about some of the projects up for consideration. On Sep. 16 Mayor John Dooley stopped by Kootenay Morning to shed some light on where those projects are at.

Potential projects currently pending city approval are a new Public Library complete with 32 units of housing next to City Hall, a BC housing collaborative project at the Nelson and District Youth Centre and improvements to Nelson’s Civic Theatre.

Dooley also took the time to share an important lesson about the Global Pandemic. Speaking to KCR Dooley said stressed to importance of remaining vigilant, cooperating with local businesses and remembering to abide public health guidelines.

The statement came in the same week that Covid-19 cases were confirmed in Castlegar and Trail.

You can find the entire interview here: