April 29, 2022 – Kootenay Morning with Judy Polland

It was 70 years ago this month that a group of American Quakers found Argenta.
Quakers of Argenta are marking the 70th anniversary of their arrival in the West Kootenays. Speaking on Kootenay Morning, Judy Pollard, whose husband and friends travelled all the way here from California in 1952, says American Quakers had left to escape the draft for World War II amidst US Senator Joe McCarthy’s search for conscientious objectors to the war with the Nazis and Japan. Pollard’s family were Quakers too, and hailed from Calgary. An article on the Argenta Quaker movement appeared in a 1961 issue of McLeans magazine. You can read a more contemporary chronicle of the community in the latest issue of the Kutne Reader.

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