Seven Weeks. That’s how long the Cottonwood Lake Preservation Society (CLPS) has to raise $100,000 needed to purchase 49 Hectares of private land slated for logging. The land directly on the chopping block surrounds Cottonwood Lake, just south of Nelson on Hwy. 6. 

The Nelson Land Corporation, a holding Company led by a longtime Cranbrook based private land logger has agreed to halt harvesting for now, while the CLPS attempts to raise the money necessary to purchase the land slated to fall. 

So far the RDCK and Columbia Basin Trust have bought 52 Acres surrounding the lake for 450K. The purchase followed continued public outcry. 

CLPS Spokesperson Andrew McBurney joined Kootenay Morning on July 10 to chat about the local grassroots initiatives continued fundraising efforts. 

“We have over $80,000 in the bank,” McBurney told Kootenay Morning on July 10. 

“We’re looking at private citizens, private donors, philanthropic donors, corporate donors and various grants are being applied for.” 

If the purchase fails and the money cannot be raised in full, the CLPS says monies raised will be used for the purchase of lands around Cottonwood Lake or for the development of Cottonwood Lake. Tune into the 30 minute mark below to hear McBurney talk about the initiative.