When you tune into commercial radio, or any online streaming service, you are usually served an incredibly narrow range of music. The playlist might have as few as 200 songs in heavy rotation, selected by an algorithm, or if you’re lucky, a music consultant. Not so at KCR! We currently have 44 music shows airing, which means you have 44 programmers painstakingly sorting through their music collections to find songs to share with you. So when is comes to music at Kootenay Co-op Radio, variety isn’t just a tagline.

Now, we know this isn’t your typical commercial radio fare, so you’ll hear everything from rock, and classical, to punk, hip hop, jazz, folk, experimental, world, electronic, and everything in between. We are unapologetically eclectic.

Is it for everybody? Maybe not. Some people really just want pop hits, and that’s fine. But if you like a mix that reflects the huge variety of music your friends and neighbours listen to, then KCR is the place for you. It’s like we’ve tapped into the collective unconscious of the Kootenays and plugged in a speaker.

Now, while all of these people are volunteers, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t cost us money to put them on the air. We have bills to pay, our gear is aging and needs replacing, and we need to move our tower to the top of Elephant Mountain to boost our signal. All of this takes considerable investment, and we can’t do it without your help. 

So what, if anything, is having a service like this worth to you? If you were to sign up for a sustaining monthly donation of $5.50 per month, the cost is about 18 cents per day. So for what amounts to one fancy coffee drink or a beer per month, you are helping to keep us on the air, and provide all your friends an neighbours another option on the local FM dial.

And if supporting 365 days per year of dependable, reliable, consistently exciting and eclectic radio really means something to you, then maybe you can afford to donate more. Or maybe you can’t afford a monthly donation, and all you can afford is just $10 for the whole year. That’s still great. Every single dime helps.

When your’e ready click the button below to sign up.

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