«A couple years ago my friend Kenny started making beats on an MPC and posting snippets of them on Instagram. I started writing songs and leaving comments like “I need this one” and “this one, too” on them. I recorded the results, had my friend Quillan at Occult Sound Labs master them, and they are now available on Bandcamp as the Scratch EP.
I am eternally grateful to the man known as Spiros Beats for getting me back on the path and for his patience with me as I traversed its peaks and valleys. It felt really good to start from “scratch” and allow myself the freedom to express whatever the music pulled out of me. I hope it feels really good to listen to, too!

Young Braised was made an official member of the Canadian underground music scene with the release of his first mixtape in 2012. Since then, he has performed across North America with a diverse cast of artists including Dâm-Funk, Killer Mike, Juan Wauters, and Heems (of Das Racist). People who get paid to write about music have said that his is “as hilarious as it is thoughtful.” They have also referred to his performances as “choreographed performance art,” and the website for a festival he played at in 2013 placed him “at the forefront of current rap and hip-hop trends”.

About the artist: Since taking the better part of a decade away from releasing music to focus on his mental health and spiritual development, Jaymes (as he’s known to his friends and family) is, in many ways, starting over. His new EP, a collaborative project with longtime friend Kenny (Spiros Beats) called “Scratch”, allowed him to reconnect with the joy, freedom, and power that rapping brought into his life in the first place while continuing to grow and heal. Learn more>>