If a picture is worth a thousand words, photographer Fred Rosenberg has written a monumental tome , volumes in fact, about the city he has called home for over 40 years — Nelson. Rosenberg, who has been photographing candid shots on many streets here in the Heritage City, and abroad, for years, and taking notes, has released a book that shows some of the truest character – and characters — of Nelson’s past three decades. His medium is black and white film. Called Anecdotal Evidence, the book launches Friday, September 10 at Touchstones. Fred Rosenberg is out guest today, along with Editor Anne Degrace.

 «Fred provided an unexpected, and in hindsight, essential role in the development of Kootenay Co-op Radio. His photographs have documented the emergence and growth of the station—warts and all—into what it is today, and have provided the historical backbone while capturing the timbre of its unique personalities and relationships, in a companion language to our music and spoken word programmes. Fred’s photographs provide an indispensable record of Nelson’s human evolution over nearly four decades. » ~ Zoe Creighton