With 2023 fast approaching, KCR News takes a look back in the archives on some of the major news stories we have been reporting on throughout the year.

In this special end-of-year highlight, we focus on four major newsmakers:

Dylan Griffith and his group Kootenay Insurrection for Safe Supply made headlines in Nelson in the summer, when he announced his group had handed out six grams of tested controlled street drugs, such as cocaine, meth and heroine to local users. The group has a goal to fight the toxic drug crisis through opening ‘compassion clubs.’

Black bears were in the news often after an unusually busy summer that had Nelson’s conservation officers working overtime to deal with misplaced wildlife. The issue got even more attention after a black bear was euthanized in downtown Nelson during the morning rush outside a coffee shop.

Janice Morrison, the new major of Nelson and other politicians talked frequently about the bear issue throughout the election campaign, which ultimately saw the former councillor take the city’s top job.

Airport chaos which struck travellers across the country spilled over into Castlegar airport, where travellers were turned away from several flights as inclement weather had Vancouver completely swamped with delayed flights. Maciej Haybrych, airport manager at Castlegar Airport said ‘the timing couldn’t be worse.’

Listen to this end-of-the year holiday special newscast from KCR News