Kootenay Co-op Radio is proud to support a radio campaign brought to us by the National Campus and Community Radio Association

During the month of February, you’ll hear 2 radio spots promoting the work of Support Black Charities.

Support Black Charities (SBC), is a pioneering Canadian-based registered nonprofit headquartered in  Toronto-Ontario but working nationally across Canada and internationally. It proudly announces its  continued commitment to fostering collaborations with charitable Black-led, Black-focused, and Black serving (B3) organizations globally, in alignment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set  forth by the United Nations in 2015. This initiative accentuates the importance of collective and focused  action in creating sustainable change for underserved communities. 

SBC aims to increase online visibility, boost charitable giving, and provide essential resources to Black led, Black Serving, and Black focus – B3 organizations (including charities, nonprofits, NGOs, NPOs, SPOs,  community-based, grassroots, civil societies, etc.). 

How? By constructing an online platform complete with a carefully curated directory that links  supporters to B3 organizations globally. Their dedication to realizing this vision involves supporting Black  organizations in achieving sustainability, self-sufficiency, and empowerment, thereby fostering  generational impact within the Black Ecosystem for years to come. To facilitate this, they’ve set up a  resource hub and provide crucial services to nonprofit leaders and their teams, including programs such  as the Business Development Assessment for Nonprofits, among others. 

Some of their programs include: 

  1. Online Vetted Directory
  2. Business Development Assessment for Nonprofits – Focusing on 20 different areas ex:  

governance, web development, social media marketing, earned income, impact measurement,  fundraising, volunteer/Intern/staff programs, etc.) 

  1. Global Black Philanthropy Initiative (GBPI) – Online Fundraising platform 
  2. SBC Academy – coming soon (Online Learning Platform for nonprofit leaders and their teams) 5. Hear Their Stories – Coming soon (Web Series – creating professional trailers & interviews of  each organization on our directory) 

Here’s how SBC is advancing its mission: 

  1. Expanding their Online Directory:  

 – Continuously engaging with active and impactful organizations to grow their online directory. 

  1. Social Media Spotlight:  

 – Featuring organizations, their programs, events, or executive/volunteer teams on social media to  amplify their mission. 

  1. Raising Awareness: 

 – Bringing attention to and raising awareness of issues specific to the Black experience. 

  1. Curating Valuable Resources:

 – Seeking valuable resources (e.g., grants, funding, courses) for organizations to share on our website’s  Resource page. 

  1. Active Promotion of Directory: 

 – Actively promoting our vetted directory to attract volunteers and potential donors, enabling them to  find and support Black organizations. 

  1. Commitment to Sustainability: 

 – Committed to assisting Black organizations in becoming sustainable and self-sufficient. 

  1. Resource Hub and Essential Services: 

 – Established a Resources Hub and provider of essential services, including its recently launched tool  “Business Development Assessment for Nonprofit.” 

  1. Year-Long Philanthropy Initiative: 

 – Created a year-long initiative, GBPI, to promote Black philanthropy within the community. 

SBC is dedicated to making a meaningful impact in support of Black organizations and their vital  missions. 

Support Black Charities



Global Black Philanthropy Initiative 


For media inquiries, please contact: 

Randy Reid Communications Manager  pr@supportblackcharities.com 

Anick Silencieux  Founder and Executive Director anick@supportblackcharities.org 

About Support Black Charities (SBC): 

Support Black Charities (SBC) is a Canadian registered nonprofit organization based in Toronto,  Ontario. SBC operates nationally across Canada and internationally, aiming to support and empower  Black-led nonprofit organizations. SBC is an online platform and a vetted online directory that  connects individuals and businesses with B3 organizations making a difference in the Black  community. SBC is also committed to creating generational impact by assisting Black organizations to  become sustainable and self-sufficient by providing resources and essential services and a strategic  roadmap for success guided through their program “Business Development Assessment for  Nonprofit”.