Music Demos

Pitching a Show

KCR prides itself on its eclectic music offerings. No matter your taste, you’ll probably find something in our lineup to like. And if you’re the kind of person with a diverse range of musical tastes, KCR is the place for you!

If you have an idea for a music show that explores a specific genre, or a range of genres, we’d love to hear about it. Before writing up a pitch, we recommend checking out some of the shows already airing on KCR, and DEFINITELY plan on attending a programmer orientation session when they’re offered.

When you’re ready, review our demo reel requirements below. Please stick to this format (12 minutes maximum), as the volunteer selection committee has many proposals to review.

Music Demo Tape Specs

  1. Start with music intro. 30 seconds max, then fade out.
  2. Give a station ID. Something like “You are listening to Kootenay Co-op Radio, CJLY, 93.5 FM in Nelson”. Say the name of your show and introduce yourself.
  3. Give a brief overview of what you have planned for your show over the course of the season.
    Structure this overview as if you are giving a real introduction at the beginning of a show. This overview should be no more than two minutes long.
  4. Introduce another piece of music. Play this music for 60 seconds maximum, then fade it out.
  5. Say more about the content of your show, talk for about two minutes.
  6. Read two public service announcements. Introduce another piece of music.
  7. Introduce and play another piece of music. 60 seconds maximum, then fade it out.
  8. Talk more about your show, including examples of the kinds of things you plan to do. Talk for about two minutes.
  9. Do an extro, i.e. – “You have been listening to (name of show), on Kootenay Coop Radio, CJLY 93.5 FM, Nelson BC.”
  10. Finish with another piece of music. 30 seconds of music, then fade it out.