KCR LIVE! with Fede Vilchez. 

Fede Vilchez arrested by KCR LIVE! and we were happy to hear about his journey from Cordoba, Argentina, where she was born to Nelson, BC. He told hosts Kris and Amelie how he started playing guitar with his father until he bought his first electric guitar. Fede told us an anecdote about his best concert of 2021 and about his plans for 2022!

Artist bio
Whether closing festival main stages with a 8-piece latin band, an instrumental jazz-rock trio, or playing solo at a local venue, Federico “Fede” Vilchez still remembers learning his first chords from his father Ruben “El Negro” Vilchez as a young teenager, next to a river somewhere in Cordoba, Argentina. Now a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, Fede’s inspiration comes from his time in Cordoba’s music scene as well as living and touring all over South and North America.
As a solo artist, Fede sings originals and covers in Spanish, English and Portuguese, across a wide variety of genres, on the acoustic and electric guitar, accompanying himself with layers of loops and effect pedals.
In October of 2021, Fede moved to Revelstoke, BC, where he now offers in-person guitar and bass lessons. Fede’s latest work features his latest album “Quimera” (2021), an instrumental rock-jazz fusion trio featuring Nicolas Travaini on electric and upright bass and Facundo Corona on drums. Fede is about to release a live session of his solo material recorded at his house in Nelson, BC, and he’s currently working on his first material as a solo artist expected to be released in 2022.

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