KCR LIVE! with Véronique Trudel joined by Simon Crétien.
Véronique brought her eclectic and creative musical universe to KCR LIVE! Tune in at 6pm tonight on Friday, December 17 to listen to the repeat.

Eclectic and creative musician Véronique Trudel plays intimate folk, while exploring various musical styles. She shares her inspiration through music that emanates sweetness and a contagious sensitivity. She launched her first EP (Après l’hiver) in May 2020 (+65K streams) where she sings about courage, violence and being a mother.
Last September, she launched a single ‘Mon enfant arc-en-ciel’ a love song from a mother to her non-binary child.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VeroniqueTrudelMusique/

Simon is a multi-instrumentalist who has been playing music from a young age. Simon diverged onto the path of blues and jazz improvisation at the age of 10 when he could no longer remember where his classical piano books went. They were never found. Simon has been living between the kootenays and Ecuador for the last 11 years where he runs a not for profit, The Community Ascent Network working with a remote indigenous community and school.

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