Maddie Storvold’s new album “Sunstorm” available on vinyl on April 2023.

Featuring “Long Time Gone”, “Moon With A Fishing Rod”, and the titular “Sunstorm”.  A very limited run of 200 copies printed on 180g iridescent white vinyl are now available for preorder. “Storvold’s third full length album, Sunstorm, tracks an evolution: the blossoming of the right things in the ruins of the wrong ones; the beauty that can emerge from the wreckage of the things you thought you wanted.” Learn more>>

Fries and Gravy by Seneca Schones and Bella Cat -March 11, 2023

“Fries and Gravy” is a Soul-filled collaborative EP between Musicians Seneca Schones and Bella Cat.
Written and professionally produced in the cozy mountains of Nelson B.C. the 6 track release covers a range of genres from feel good Soul-Pop, to emotional Rock Ballads, the record blends organic and electronic instruments with passionate and honest vocal performances to create something exciting and unique.
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Link to our music video, for “Fries and Gravy” filmed in Nelson!

Feel It by The Hillties (single)
“This song was written about the beauty that our lives revolve around, as we orbit these beautiful experiences we are passengers to a collective ebb and flow” This song was produced by Juno-Award-Winning producer Ben Kaplan and funded in part by Creative BC.” Learn more >>

Soul Music by Tarholes
From deep in the heart of Blewett BC! “Soul Music” is the latest full length album from legendary grunge punks Tarholes! Learn more >>

Daisychain by Anna Katarina 
Anna Katarina’s blazing, country-flecked pop rock is all summery chords and swinging rhythms, but there’s a streak of black running through the golden-hour tones — Katarina’s lyrics bite with a subtle ferocity, cracking these songs open to reveal new shades. Produced with Andy Schichter, this month’s Daisychain is expertly crafted, lived-in pop; the kind of clear-eyed record that makes saying goodbye to summer just a little easier.
By Kaelen Bell from Learn more>>

The Earth Freaks released “Earth Freaks”
From the basement of a soon to be demolished house comes 30 minutes of explosive garage rock with a psychedelic punk attitude. Turn it up loud and enjoy the ride. Learn more>>

A bit about the band: Earth Freaks formed in Nelson in 2021 with members Riley Stewart, Zyan Fukushima-Rael, Evans Daybell-Chambers, and Max Spielman. All attended Selkirk Music program. In a short period of time, the group has won multiple competitions and performed at various festivals, including Canada Rock Fest, Nelson International Mural Festival, and the RED Mountain Ski Resort “Later, Hoser!” Oktoberfest, among others. In September 2022, the group performed a 3 hour sold out show at The Royal before temporarily relocating to Victoria to work on recording and gain access to larger venues and opportunities. Their recent New Years Eve show at The Royal sold out a month in advance, and was yet another 3 hour marathon show to promote the release of their recent self produced album ‘Earth Freaks’. The band is currently working on a second album and planning their Summer Tour dates.

Midnight Calling by The Hillties
“Midnight Calling” was in part funded by Creative BCs Artistic Development Grant program. The music was fueled by lead guitarist Sam Matthews’ love for all things metal and the arrangement was developed off a riff based jam. The lyrics were written by Craig Beauchamp and Mark Barnard in a zoom chat while under pandemic lock down restrictions. The feelings of big change and division that were washing through all parts of our lives at the time can be felt running deep in this track. The song features Mark Barnard on lead Vocals, Phil Woodward on Megatar, Rahj Levinson on Keyboards, Craig Beauchamp Rhythm Guitar, Sam Mattews on Lead Guitar, and Erick Sasaki on Drums. Released on Dec 23. Learn more >>

Soul Music by Tarholes
From deep in the heart of Blewett BC! “Soul Music” is the latest full length album from legendary grunge punks Tarholes! Learn more >>