Peter G. Reed releases micro-album The Sailor
Peter G. Reed releases his “microalbum’ ‘The Sailor’ recorded at Becoming Sound Studio in Ymir BC, with producer/engineer Shawn Stephenson, this album which is slated for April 2024 and has Peter feeling reinspired and as drawn to the artistic process as ever before.
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Slocan Valley artists Curvesand releases first album
Jeremy Down (electric guitar) and Paul ‘Garbanzo’ Gibbons (bansuri, keys/beats, percussion) present a peaceful and liberating music ranging from meditative free improvisation and avant-garde cinematic soundscapes, to funk/dub grooves. From years living, working and playing in the mountains and near the lake they bring a wild Slocan consciousness to the music, always in the moment as it unfolds…

Mixed and mastered by Garbanzo at Food of Love Records.
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Bitter//Washed release first album
Bitter Illusions is the rip roaring debut full length from Rossland/Trail garage psych rockers Bitter//Washed. Featuring fuzzed out riffs, catchy vocal hooks and even a dash of groove, the album blasts from beginning to end. Released on vinyl through Nelson’s very own Bandwidth Records, the only disappointing thing about this release is that it’s over too soon. Digital copies available through their Bandcamp, and vinyl available exclusively at “~ by Adam Thomas, host of radio Mixtape on Kootenay Co-op Radio Learn more>>

Penny Shades releases new single Wayback.
“Way Back is the dialogue that happens between two people when the honeymoon phase in a relationship is over. Inspired by Anderson Paak’s Make It Better, the song is an ode to lovers working things out.” Learn more>>

Graham Tracey releases first full length album- September 29, 2023

Train Wrecks and Pretty Things is singer and multi-instrumentalist Graham Tracey’s first full length album. Recorded at High Lonesome Recording in Nelson, BC and at Hallowed Sound in South Slocan, it features Graham on drums, bass, guitars and keys with his seasoned vocals always in the forefront. Guests include Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, John Fogerty), and Smith Curry (Faith Hill, Kid Rock). Mixed by Roger Swan (Rascalz, Swollen Memebers), mastered by Chris Athens (Ozzy Osbourne, Willie Nelson), Train Wrecks and Pretty Things marries Graham’s obsessions with audio quality and lyrical strength to a vibey, melodic approach that transcends genre. Available now at . Learn more>>

Sarah Orton releases song You – August 23, 2023

“You” is a vibey disco-pop dreams cape that delves into the notion of being irresistibly drawn to someone amidst chaos, transcending time and boundaries Reminiscent of Miley Cyrus “Flowers”, “You” effortlessly combines elements of disco-pop, alt- pop, and soul, delivering a nostalgic yet refreshingly contemporary sound. The driving beat and poetic verses lay the foundation for Sarah’s powerful and dynamic vocals, taking you for a breezy ride and steering you in a direction you didn’t know you wanted to go. Learn more>>

LOCK releases song ‘WRECK IN ME’- August 18, 2023

Australian alternative musician, Currently located in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada, LOCK’s sound consists of a variety of different genre’s including rock, nu, alternative, core, pop & hiphop. LOCK’s solo project kicked off in late 2019 & takes inspiration from acts like Linkin park, Drowning Pool & Deftones. LOCK’s solid style is the perfect gateway for listeners that are wanting something that will just push them a little bit over the edge. Listen on Spotify>>

Rumour Mill releases song Dog Days – August 10, 2023

Rumour Mill is an indie-folk duo headed by multi-instrumentalists, Anna Katarina and Aline Daigle, currently residing in beautiful British Columbia. They are releasing their debut LP, What She Said, produced by Murray Pulver (The Bros. Landreth, Sierra Noble, Crash Test Dummies) in the second half of 2023.. Learn more>>

Dirt Floor release EP Wyoming Winds -July 27 2023

Acclaimed band Dirt Floor from Nelson, B.C. will be releasing their third album Wyoming Winds on Thursday July 27th at 9am PST. With 2023 being the 10th Anniversary of the band, they are firmly entrenched as Roots/Country regional favourites, still on the rise.  Learn more>>

Young Braised’s first EP available on May 26 2023
Since taking the better part of a decade away from releasing music to focus on his mental health and spiritual development, Jaymes (as he’s known to his friends and family) is, in many ways, starting over. His new EP, a collaborative project with longtime friend Kenny (Spiros Beats) called “Scratch”, allowed him to reconnect with the joy, freedom, and power that rapping brought into his life in the first place while continuing to grow and heal. Learn more>>

Anna Katarina’s new single Qui? available on May 27. 2023

«Qui? is out today on all platforms. ? It’s a heartbreaker, an ode to the non-conformist, and a nod to doing what you love regardless of what’s in-style. I love this chanson and I hope you do too. Written by the French icon, Charles Azvanour.
Supported by Creative BC & the province of British Columbia » Learn more>>

Shred Kelly’s new single racks in the Finish available on May 26. 2023

«We recorded this song in the fall of 2022 at The Farm Studios with NygProductions Karl Dicaire and Flavio Cirillo and it was mixed by Elisa Pangsaeng and mastered by CPS mastering. Produced by Nyg Productions
Thanks to Creative BC for the support of this record. » Learn more>>

Aline Daigle’s new single Over The Edge available on May 24. 2023

«This is the first single off of my solo record A swimming situation which will be released in full this July. This entire record has minimal production and editing. The goal was to keep as many entire takes and live off the floor recordings as possible so as to preserve the musicality. This gives it an old school feel similar to timeless records like Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” or Tom Petty’s “Wildflowers”.

This song was recorded with Matt Kelly, Leon Power & Erik Nielsen which together make up the backing band for City & Colour. It was produced by myself and Tom Dobrzanski at Monarch Studios who also engineered the project. Mastering was done by Ryan Dahle. » Learn more>>

Maddie Storvold’s new album “Sunstorm” available on vinyl on April 2023.

Featuring “Long Time Gone”, “Moon With A Fishing Rod”, and the titular “Sunstorm”.  A very limited run of 200 copies printed on 180g iridescent white vinyl are now available for preorder. “Storvold’s third full length album, Sunstorm, tracks an evolution: the blossoming of the right things in the ruins of the wrong ones; the beauty that can emerge from the wreckage of the things you thought you wanted.” Learn more>>

Fries and Gravy by Seneca Schones and Bella Cat -March 11, 2023

“Fries and Gravy” is a Soul-filled collaborative EP between Musicians Seneca Schones and Bella Cat.
Written and professionally produced in the cozy mountains of Nelson B.C. the 6 track release covers a range of genres from feel good Soul-Pop, to emotional Rock Ballads, the record blends organic and electronic instruments with passionate and honest vocal performances to create something exciting and unique.
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Link to our music video, for “Fries and Gravy” filmed in Nelson!

Feel It by The Hillties (single)
“This song was written about the beauty that our lives revolve around, as we orbit these beautiful experiences we are passengers to a collective ebb and flow” This song was produced by Juno-Award-Winning producer Ben Kaplan and funded in part by Creative BC.” Learn more >>

Soul Music by Tarholes
From deep in the heart of Blewett BC! “Soul Music” is the latest full length album from legendary grunge punks Tarholes! Learn more >>

Daisychain by Anna Katarina 
Anna Katarina’s blazing, country-flecked pop rock is all summery chords and swinging rhythms, but there’s a streak of black running through the golden-hour tones — Katarina’s lyrics bite with a subtle ferocity, cracking these songs open to reveal new shades. Produced with Andy Schichter, this month’s Daisychain is expertly crafted, lived-in pop; the kind of clear-eyed record that makes saying goodbye to summer just a little easier.
By Kaelen Bell from Learn more>>

The Earth Freaks released “Earth Freaks”
From the basement of a soon to be demolished house comes 30 minutes of explosive garage rock with a psychedelic punk attitude. Turn it up loud and enjoy the ride. Learn more>>

A bit about the band: Earth Freaks formed in Nelson in 2021 with members Riley Stewart, Zyan Fukushima-Rael, Evans Daybell-Chambers, and Max Spielman. All attended Selkirk Music program. In a short period of time, the group has won multiple competitions and performed at various festivals, including Canada Rock Fest, Nelson International Mural Festival, and the RED Mountain Ski Resort “Later, Hoser!” Oktoberfest, among others. In September 2022, the group performed a 3 hour sold out show at The Royal before temporarily relocating to Victoria to work on recording and gain access to larger venues and opportunities. Their recent New Years Eve show at The Royal sold out a month in advance, and was yet another 3 hour marathon show to promote the release of their recent self produced album ‘Earth Freaks’. The band is currently working on a second album and planning their Summer Tour dates.

Midnight Calling by The Hillties
“Midnight Calling” was in part funded by Creative BCs Artistic Development Grant program. The music was fueled by lead guitarist Sam Matthews’ love for all things metal and the arrangement was developed off a riff based jam. The lyrics were written by Craig Beauchamp and Mark Barnard in a zoom chat while under pandemic lock down restrictions. The feelings of big change and division that were washing through all parts of our lives at the time can be felt running deep in this track. The song features Mark Barnard on lead Vocals, Phil Woodward on Megatar, Rahj Levinson on Keyboards, Craig Beauchamp Rhythm Guitar, Sam Mattews on Lead Guitar, and Erick Sasaki on Drums. Released on Dec 23. Learn more >>

Soul Music by Tarholes
From deep in the heart of Blewett BC! “Soul Music” is the latest full length album from legendary grunge punks Tarholes! Learn more >>