COVID-19 cases at Rosemont Elementary School have raised questions about the efficacy of the provincial contract racing program. That’s according to Nelson Star editor Tyler Harper who stopped by Kootenay Morning on April 30.

Harper told KCR that all of the sources he spoke to, on and off the record throughout the course of his reporting on the Rosemont Elementary exposure, said they were not notified within 24 hours of exposure. He said one parent he spoke to said they were notified six days after exposure, while another was notified 12 days later. Harper said Interior Health notified him that the contact tracing program notifies individuals exposed within roughly 24 hours and is working well.

“Every person I talked to said this contact tracing program is not working.”

Harper also said teachers are not currently at the head of the vaccine queue.

“Teachers have not been included in the first wave of vaccinations. Teachers are part of the age-based roll out, like everyone else,” said Harper.

Listen to the entire interview here: