By John Rune, KCR News

While the end of May will see warmer temperatures in the Kootenays, the stage at the Civic Theatre in Nelson will be sending out bone-chilling entertainment in the form of The Addams Family musical.

Local Nelson District Arts Council president Sydney Black said her company, Black Productions, will spend the new year scouting for talent to include in its anticipated 20-person cast who together will embody the spooky cult-classic Addams family.

“So that is super exciting, with probably 10 lead roles and 10 supporting roles, so there is a lot of space for people who are like ‘I’m a singer but I don’t dance, or I’m a dancer but I don’t sing. There is all sorts of roles for people, so we are really stoked,” Black said.

The musical version of The Addams premiered on Broadway in 2010 where it received high praise by critics, and has been produced in numerous countries around the world. Black said the timing couldn’t have been better for a Nelson-version of the Addams Family, as the spinoff series ‘Wednesday’ is currently making the rounds on Netflix and in social media, where users are doing dances to the soundtrack of the movie.

“It’s really interesting how serendipitous it was that we decided on this show, and then a couple of weeks later, the Wednesday-phenomenon happened.”