So, you’re interested in getting your own show on Kootenay Co-op Radio? Great! We’d love to hear your pitch. The deadline to submit your show proposal is March 25.

    Show Pitch Questionnaire
    Pitching a Music Show and Making Demo Tape

    Send an email at

    The new season will begin on April 22

    What Kinds of Shows Are We Looking For?

    There are two basic types of shows on KCR:

    • Music shows typically feature mostly music, but might include some cultural commentary, or interviews with artists.
    • Spoken word shows focus on current affairs, cultural commentary, or instructional programming, and feature news, commentary, interviews, or pre-recorded features. A spoken word show might also be a documentary series, or even a radio play. And it might even feature some music.

    If your pitch is accepted, our volunteer programming committee and mentors will help you every step of the way. Just stay tuned for updates on when we announce the orientations sessions, or contact the station for more information.

    What Are a Host’s Duties?

    Hosting, or “programming” a one hour show every week at a station run by volunteers takes commitment. We need to know that our volunteer programmers are reliable, otherwise, somebody will have to cover for you when you don’t come in. Obviously, we can take up the slack when you have an emergency, BUT powder days don’t count as an emergency.

    As a host/programmer, you’ll be joining a team of over 100 volunteers who keep KCR running. Volunteers handle everything from serving on our board and committees to performing building maintenance, to snowshoeing out to fix a broken transmitter. When you sign on for a show, you’ll be committing to a few volunteer hours each month to help keep the station in shape. Don’t worry, we won’t make you snowshoe out to fix a transmitter in the dead of winter. Unless you really want to.

    In the meantime, check out the following links for more on what we’re looking for in a show pitch, and how to put together a demo tape.

    Resources for Programmers


    • All on air training provided!
    • Deadline to submit a proposal is March 25
    • Volunteer position
    • Multiple 1 hr timeslots available
    • Music + spoken word options
    • Host in your native language!


    • Become a kootenay co-op radio member
    • 6 month commitment April. 2024-October 2025
    • passion for community-powered radio!
    • enthusiasm and reliability